5 Easy Summer Decorating Tips for Any Home

It is now a possibility to give a home an upgrade every season, without busting the budget. Summer decorating brings fresh nuance to a home. It lighten up the hues and opens up the rooms up to color and light. The best thing about a simple summer decor upgrade is that it doesn't always need a total renovation. A couple of easy tips can help any home owner to renovate their home, rejuvenating the appeal, and changing elegance with a youthful, energetic, and playful design.

Summer Decorating Tips

Here are our 5 easy inexpensive summer decorating ideas you can try:
  1. When people consider putting color to a room, they think about painting. To save time and budget, you can paint the central wall in the room, leaving the others. A wall can be finished in less than an hour. A kitchen can be lighten up by painting the wall below the cabinets, adding ceramic to this area, or stick tiles can help as well.
  2. Rugs and pillow are costly. Instead of buying new pillows and covers, use simple sewing techniques. Wind pillows with raw fabric on the oblique like a present, and then enhance with decorative ribbon. This will reduce the need for pillows. It can also be finished with throw rugs. Place the summer rug under winter rug. It gives the winter rug excess padding, and saves the place to store the summer rug. A table runner can alter the look of a table. You can replace the old table cloth with a light runner in a brigh tone.
  3. The easiest way to transform a winter room into summer room is by eliminating all clutter, artwork and other similar stuff. In the summer, the windows are open, so removing clutter also minimizes the house cleaning time.
  4. Take out the padded window treatments and replace with mini sheers or blinds to keepl light control as well as privacy. UV blinds are nice choice for rooms where in sun shines on precious furniture or where light fade the wall color.
  5. Get rid of woods and fabrics and swap them with glass. Glass will easily reflect light, enlarging the room and adding a touch of dramatic sparkle. In addition, everything ought to be polished from the ceiling lights to TV screen. In most homes, a complete cleaning, polishing, and washing will breathe new life to the interior.

Summer Decorating Tips

Whatever you plan for decorating for summer, make sure that you try a couple of tips from this list. They are easy, fast and inexpensive, what could be wrong ?

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